Điều kiện Thái Airways - Phòng vé máy bay Hoàng Gia Châu là nơi đề quí khách kiểm tra thông tin, giá vé và thuế khi mua vé máy bay Thai Airways hoặc các hãng hàng không khác.

Mời quí khách hàng tham khảo thông tin đường bay, giá Vé Máy Bay Thai Airways và điều kiện chung của chúng tôi.

1. ELIGIBILITY    :    Valid on TG operating flights only.
2. DAY/TIME      :      All days.
3. SEASONALITY   : Low : 06JAN-1FEB11, 07FEB-19JUN11, 01SEP-14DEC11, 01JAN-21JAN12,27JAN-19JUN12, 01SEP-30SEP12
            High : 2-6FEB11, 20JUN-31AUG11, 15DEC-31DEC11, 22JAN-26JAN12, 20JUN-31AUG12
4. FLIGHT APPLICATION  :  Valid on any TG flight operated by TG.
            ASIA route: Ticket must be issued 5 days ( V class) and 3 days (W class) after confirmed
            EU/AUS/USA route: Ticket must be issued 7 days ( V class) and 3 days ( W class) after confirmed
/ TICKETING"     :      V Class booking within 7 days (EU/AUS/USA route) and 5 days (ASIA route) before departure ticket must be issued immediately.
            Domestic Thailand sector must be booked in RBD H for economy class.
            All of booking made within 3 days before departure ticket issuance must be issued immediately.
            Reservations without ticket numbers can be cancelled by the carrier.
7. MAXIMUM STAY            V class : 3 months.
            M/H/Q class : 6 months.
            F/C/D/J/U/Y/B class : 01 year
            A/P class : 06 months
            (For travel from the last international stopover point)
8. STOPOVER           Stopover in BKK is permitted.
9. TRANSFERS         Transfers is permitted.
10. COMBINATIONCircle trips not permitted.
            End-on-End not permitted.
            Add-ons permitted.
            Open Jaws/Roundtrip
                   Fares may be combined on a half roundtrip basis
                           - To Form single/double open jaws.
                           -  A maximun of two international fare components permitted.
                           - To Form roundtrip with TG fares
            "Mixed class is allowed with same validity only.
(E.g: Q-E6M with M-E6M, C-RT with J-RT, J-RT with B-RT is allowed
Except any A-E6M and P-E6M typle fares combine with any M-E6M / H-E6M / Q-E6M type fares : is not allowed)"
11. BLACKOUT DATES  :    NO applicable.
12. SURCHARGE  :   All taxes/charges are excluded and will be added to the above net fare.
14. TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS    :    Travel must commencing from 06JAN11 - 30SEP12
15. SALES RESTRICTIONS       :     Ticket must be issued from 06JAN11 - 30SEP11
            Plate and Stock of TG only.
16. PENALTY      :      Cancellation/refund:
            ". Totally unused ticket permitted with fee USD50
If the validity of unused ticket has expired, it may only be processed for refund only
- V/Q/H/M class : No partial refund
- B/Y/U/J/D/C/P/A/F: Partial refund permitted by deduction one way fare of the same RBD or higher fare.
. Extension of ticket validity is not permitted for any class."
            "Reissue:Rebooking/Revalidated : permitted without charge ( except V/Cls)
Rerouting: permitted with fee USD50( except V/Cls)
""*V Class : Outbound valid on flight date shown, Inbound date change charge USD50 (ticket must be reissued)
"           General Information
            Before departure:
            Change to the outbound sector will require the whole itinerary to be re-assesses based on
            the new travel dates. if a difference in fare/tax/surcharge is assessed, the ticket must be reissued.
            Change to lower RBD fare is not permitted and is to be treated as a cancellation.      
             If a higher fare results, the fare/tax/surcharge difference must be collected. The fare may be used as a credit towards payment of any published carrier fare for TG of equal or higher value, assessed from point of origin,      provided the conditions of the new fare have been met. No reissuing fee will apply at the time of ticket exchange if reissued by the original issuing agent.  Should it be necessary for a TG office to process the reissue, the reissue fee will apply.
            If the new ticket is subsequently cancelled, the higher cancellation fee of either the original or new ticket
            will apply in refund assessment.
            If a lower fare results, it will be treated as a cancellation and the applicable cancellation fee will apply.  A new ticket
            is then to be issued at the applicable fare/tax/surcharge for the revised itinerary.
            "If the validity of an unused ticket has expired, it may only be processed for refund.
            After departure:
            Note - changes after departure may be made by the issuing agent or TG offices
            At any time after departure and within the ticket validity, the fare may be used as a credit towards payment
             of any fare of equal or higher value for TG within this fare rule and tariff, assessed from the point of origin,
             provided the  conditions of the new fare have been met.   If the new ticket is subsequently cancelled,
             the cancellation fee will apply in refund assessment.
17. HIP/ MILEAGE EXCEPTIONS : "Royal Orchid Plus Miles: Mileage accrual, except V/G/W class
ROP Upgrade-Permitted, except V/ G/ W class"
18. TICKET ENDORSEMENT     :    Valid on TG OPR FLT/Non-endorse/Refund fee USD50/No partial refund.
            * V Class: Valid on TG OPR FLT/DATE shown/ Non-endorse/Refund fee USD50 /No partial refund/ Inbound DTE change charge USD50.
19. CHILDREN AND INFANT DISCOUNT    :     Accompanied child age 2 to 11 years discount of 25pct of adult net fare.
            Infant under 2 years with seat discount 25pct of adult net fare.
            Infant under 2 years without seat charge 20 pct of adult published carrier fare.
20. MISCELLANEOUS:       ". Round trip STPC is offer for connection flights of which TG best connecting time is more than 6 hours on long haul flight to EU,AU,US.
. Round trip STPC is offered for connection flights of Business and First Class ticket of other destinations of which TG best connecting time is more than 6 hours
.STPC : hotel accommodation at Louis Tavern(inside Suvarnabhumi International Airport), 6 hours basis only"
21. NEGOTIATED FARE RESTRICTIONS: (Net without Selling/ Selling)           Fare box (Face Value): Published Carrier Fare
21. REMARK:            ".F/A/P: Royal First class
.C/D/J: Royal Silk Class
.U: Premium Economy Class
.Y/B/M/H/Q/V: Economy Class"

By Phòng Vé Máy Bay Hoàng Gia Châu.